Cajun Chicken Pasta

In the mood for some pasta? We’ve got just the recipe you need. The Cajun Chicken Pasta is one that’s loved by many around the world and makes for an amazing dinner with your loved ones.

chicken pasta

Here’s what you’ll need to get started.


Sliced fresh mushrooms 4
heavy cream 1 ½ Cups
Boneless and skinless chicken breast 2
Salt ¼ Teaspoon
linguine pasta 4 Ounces
Grated Parmesan cheese 2 Tablespoons
Cajun seasoning 2 Teaspoons
Garlic powder 1/8 Teaspoon
Butter 2 Tablespoons
Lemon pepper ¼ Teaspoon
Minced green onion 1
Ground black pepper 1/8 Teaspoon
Chopped red bell pepper ½
Dried basil ¼ Teaspoon
Chopped green bell pepper 1


  • To prepare Cajun Chicken Pasta you need a large pot.
  • Heat up some salted water.
  • Add linguini pasta in that salted water.
  • Now cook it for 10 minutes.
  • In the meantime take a bowl and place the chicken in it.
  • For this step, you’ll need a large skillet.
  • It needs to be over medium heat.
  • Don’t stop heating until saute chicken in butter turn pink and juices run clear.
  • It should take about 7 to 10 minutes for this.
  • Add red bell peppers, green bell peppers, green onions and sliced mushrooms.
  • Need to cook for 3 or 5 minutes.
  • Reduce heat then stir in cream.
  • Season the sauce with lemon pepper, basil, salt, ground black pepper and garlic powder.
  • Need to heat it.
  • Take another large bowl.
  • Toss linguini with sauce. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.

Voila, you have your yummy plate of chicken pasta ready to serve but in case you were in the mood for some vegan pasta, this Pasta recipe with Vegetables  is just what you need 🙂

Still not getting it right? Check out how Lauren does in the video below.

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